Funeral Services

As one of the last truly independent, family owned and operated funeral home on the North Shore, the team at Peninsula Funeral Services hold a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. Instead of cold, removed funeral services, devoid of connection, the team at Peninsula Funeral Services are committed to providing funeral services with warmth, empathy, respect and care. We’re here to help you celebrate the life of your departed friend, family member of loved one.

The journey home begins here at our funeral home.
Peninsula Funeral Services can help you in all funeral arrangements, and are here to help you throughout the whole process of creating the perfect send off for your dearly departed.

We offer everything from:

  • 24 Hours, 7 days per week personal attention.
  • Transfer of deceased from place of death to our funeral home.
  • An arrangement conference with an experienced Funeral Consultant.
  • The attendance and attention of an experienced Funeral Director, and his dedicated and courteous staff.
  • Arranging with crematorium or cemetery to set time for cremation, gravesite or re-opening of a family grave.
  • Attending to all church needs for all type of denominations.
  • Advice on the placement of advertisements in newspapers and radio announcements.
  • Arranging returned Servicemen’s or Lodge services.
  • Arranging to pay clients' disbursement costs on their behalf including crematorium or cemetery fees, press announcements and clergy offerings.
  • Arranging floral tributes for the family.
  • Collection of medical certificates of death and lodgement with relevant authorities for the registration of death.
  • Arranging for special medical certificates if a cremation is desired.
  • Arranging for certified copy of death certificate.