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Pre-Paid Funeral

A little forethought, a great deal of benefit

A funeral and the bereavement that goes with it will affect a family and loved ones both emotionally and financially. But with a little forethought and pre-planning, we have the opportunity to relieve some of the burdens from those closest to us.


Planning ahead ~ A practical approach

When you think about it pre-planning is something we do all the time. We put money aside  for travel, for retirement and other important events. It makes sence to approach planning ahead for a funeral in exactly the same way.

With the lelp of a professional funeral director, it's realy just like making a will. Not sombre or sad. Just simple, sensible and practical.

Peninsula Pre-Paid Funeral Plans allows loved ones to plan for their funeral, according to their personal requirements.  Our Pre-Paid Plans help ease the financial cost to you & your family regarding funeral expenses.

All Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts are prepared, detailing your precise wishes and expenses involved to facilitate provision of the funeral service.

Please Contact Us - our staff will advice and help you in pre-paid funeral options.